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Volunteers will represent the University of Tennessee during the 2015-16 college basketball season The Middle Tennessee State Blue Raiders have performed strongly in the remaining four NCAA Division I events of 2016-17 I men's basketball tournament with a record of 3: 0. Volunteers, the men's basketball team of MiddleTennessee State University Blue Raider, represents the university and its students - athletes and coaches at the U.S. Army National Team Training Center in Knoxville, Tennessee, in the 2015-16 NCAA Div. 1 basketball season.

The team plays its home games at the U.S. Army National Team Training Center in Knoxville, Tenn., and the team will also play in the NCAA Div. 2016-17.

In 2015, the Blue Raiders won the Sun Belt Conference championship, the first conference title in school history and the program's third title. Middle Tennessee defeated Troy in the regular-season finale to record its first conference victory since reaching that mark in the 1990-91 season. In the second game of the season, they defeated Florida Atlantic 33-21 to celebrate the Raiders' 24th win, setting the previous season record.

In 2006, the Blue Raiders advanced to the second round of the NCAA tournament and completed the best season in team history in 2007. In 2008, they hosted Boston College for the first time in school history before defeating the Bulldogs in the NIT Final Four and then making the Madison Square Garden and NIT semifinals. Then in 1985 we saw our first trip to New York City and a trip to the big East Conference finals.

The image of the soldier remains the university's mascot and is simply referred to as the robber. Inside the stadium, you'll have no doubt that it's home to the Blue Raiders, but outside the ballpark, it's home to the Blue Raiders baseball team from Middle Tennessee State University.

Although the Blue Raiders are not directly linked to Forrest, they are implicated in the name. MTSU has a football team, and Elwin W. Midgett led it for four seasons as the school's first head coach and the first coach in modern times.

In Stockstill's first season, he led the Blue Raiders to a 9-3 record and a spot in the American Athletic Conference. That year, they won their first conference title in school history and were given the nod to play in the College Football Playoff National Championship Game in New Orleans.

Besides the Blue Raiders, the mascot of Middle Tennessee Lightning is a winged horse based on Pegasus from Greek mythology. Before Lightning was introduced in 1998, MTSU's mascots were the Ole Blue Raider, Red Raider and Black Raider. The winning title is a name inspired by the blue and white colors of the school's football team and the team's logo.

Jimmy Borendame returned to the title game as the Blue Raiders won their first conference title since joining the conference in 2014, beating FAU 4-3. He also graduated from the Rebels' biggest rival, Mississippi State, and will graduate in May 2019. He was a Division I player at Middle Tennessee State and rose to head coach at his alma mater. McCollum led the Blue Raiders to a 6-5 record and is now the most successful coach in Blue Raiders history.

After a triple-overtime victory over Indiana State, the Blue Raiders lost to the Louisiana Tech Bulldogs in the first round of the NCAA tournament. Middle Tennessee was 17-67, 50 with 16 minutes remaining in the game, but the Tennessee native from New Jersey ran his run to 4-7, 279 and 2-0. The Scottsdale, Arizona native originally went to Iowa State University from Desert Mountain High School and has been wearing a red shirt for the 2018 season.

He held the same position at Troy and Auburn in 2008 before joining the Blue Raiders. After Stockstill's departure, Franklin helped Asher O'Hara become the face of MTSU's offense, scoring more than 1,000 yards and 10 touchdowns on the field in two seasons and leading the Blue Raiders this year. After scoring his first try against Liberty 45 yards out, he made two 47-yard throws and 53-yard ones in the following game against Tennessee State.

Another plus point to the atmosphere at Smith Field is the logo on the home plate with the Blue Raiders. With a positive response from the public, the Blue Raiders Ride has become one of the most popular events at MTSU's home games.

The Blue Raiders mascot had nothing to do with Nathan Bedford Forrest in 1933, but now it has Forrest. In 1934, MTSU football player Charles Sarver coined the nickname "Blue Raiders" in a Daily News Journal contest and won $5 from the Murfreesboro Daily News Journal for his victory, which he later borrowed from Colgate University, whose team was then known as the Raiders.

In the same year, the university adopted a new mascot, simply called Blue Raider, for its football team. The committee decided to abolish the Confederate "Blue Raider" in favor of Forrest, a reference to Forrest's role in the Civil War.

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