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I am This week, we head to Tennessee to tell you about the most exciting states and places to visit. The music industry has created the Nashville Music Hall of Fame, where songwriters meet to test new compositions and share the stories behind their hits. Other venues that regularly host songwriter shows include the Tennessee State Fairgrounds, Music City Music Center and Knoxville Music Festival. There are several midweek events hosted by bartenders, such as the annual Tennessee Songwriters Festival and Tennessee Music Nightlife.

The bar also has a large dance floor, so if you live east of Nashville, this is an option for you, and it's also a great place to spend an evening.

People enjoy the really talented musicians who play there on Saturday nights and it's a great place for families and the community to meet and listen to good live music. It is a dance hall that welcomes all ages, so it is ideal for those who like to dance in a row. A great place to listen to great music and be part of the line dance community in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

If you listen to other singers tempting you to croon, Nashville also has a selection of bars. There are bars that are really for bands, drinks and food, but also for really tight and crowded barbecues, which is my favorite. Of course, you can visit as many other bars in Murfreesboro, Tennessee as you like, such as the Music Hall of Fame and the Tennessee State Capitol.

Most of the other Honky Tonk bars in the District are within walking distance, so you'll also have to drive to Nashville to find a good spot. If you want to explore Nashville for dancing, you can take Broadway (also known as Honky Tonk Highway) from Murfreesboro to Nashville. If you are driving about 30 miles west on Highway 70 and get to the Wild Country Dance Hall, it is a great place to get off and Dancing for about one night. The Nashville area has a number of great bars, restaurants and other entertainment options.

It's no surprise that there are also some bars that are open until 3am, which is fantastic, but be warned: on Thursdays the bar opens for a lot of under-18s, so depending on what you're looking for, you'll be happy. Downtown Nashville is not too difficult, and you can get your bearings by visiting and staying at a local hotel. The Carriage Lane Inn is ideally located for historic downtown Murfreesboro, where there are a number of beautiful shops and restaurants.

Just 15 minutes from Nashville, the Silverados Dance Club and Saloon is a great place to go If you like line dancing or partner dancing, do a bit of country dancing. They are only open on weekends and offer group classes during the day to prepare you for dancing in Nashville. Cahoots has received mixed reviews, but compared to some of the tiny Honky Tonks in downtown Nashville, it's the biggest dance hall I've ever seen. Wildhorse is a place suitable for those who love country dancing and come from outside Nashville.

The songwriter showcase is not located in the District, but just a few blocks from the Opryland Hotel area, including Bluegrass Music Hall and the Old Hickory Hotel. To see which of these locations is which, watch this video with the four best Nashville Honky Tonks. The New Boots Line Dance includes country line dancing in some of the few places close enough to downtown Nashville to dance the country line.

Wherever you go, there's room for a cool beer and live music in the south with a classic honky tonk. While country music dominates the venue, Layla's Bluegrass Inn offers more than that. There's a stage and plenty of country chic at the Honkey Tonks and the rooftop bar, which is located on Broadway on the second floor of the Old Hickory Hotel.

The Hard Rock Cafe offers a 12,000 square meter stage, bar and room where Jimi Hendrix played clubs in Nashville. The venue is owned and operated by the same owners of the HardRock Cafe in Memphis, as well as the Old Hickory Hotel and Nashville Music Hall.

Wildhorse is located north of 2nd Avenue and Whisky Dix Saloon on the south side of 3rd Avenue, west of the Old Hickory Hotel. The three-story building includes live country music, live entertainment, a bar and restaurant and a bar.

If you can't celebrate enough on a Friday or Saturday night, Excess Orbit is an after-hours dance club that opens at 7 p.m. on Friday and Saturday. The bar has won the "Best Place to Drink Cheap" award for the eighth year running, with its upcoming 13th birthday party on Saturday, March 12.

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